I am seeking asylum

Claiming asylum

If you are newly arrived or been in the UK some time, Asylum Help is here to provide you with free information and support to assist you through the asylum process.

You can access multilingual information on the asylum process and support entitlements below. If you cannot find the answer to your question here or need further advice contact our Asylum Advice (UK) or Asylum Support Application (UK) services for assistance.

Quick answers Read
1.1 Can I claim asylum? Read
1.1 What happens if I want to stay in the UK but do not meet the asylum criteria? Read
1.2 How do I apply for asylum in the UK? Read
1.2 What is the telephone number of the asylum appointment line? Read
1.2 Where will my appointment take place if I am already in the uk? Read
1.2 What do I do if I need to change my appointment Read
1.3 What is Asylum Help? Read
1.3 What information can Asylum Help give me Read
1.4 Who do I contact if I need support for food and accomodation? Read
1.4 What if I do not speak English? Read
1.5 What should I do if I want to return home and not claim asylum? Read
1.5 How do I contact the Choices Assisted Voluntary Return Service Read
1.5 How do I contact Asylum Help? Read
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