I am seeking asylum

Post Decision - Positive

If you are newly arrived or been in the UK some time, Asylum Help is here to provide you with free information and support to assist you through the asylum process.

You can access multilingual information on the asylum process and support entitlements below. If you cannot find the answer to your question here or need further advice contact our Asylum Advice (UK) or Asylum Support Application (UK) services for assistance.

Quick answers Read
4a.1 What does Refugee Status mean? Read
4a.1 What does Humanitarian Protection mean? Read
4a.1 What does Discretionary Leave to Remain mean? Read
4a.2 Can I appeal if I feel that I have been given the wrong status? Read
4a.3 What happens if my leave to remain is about to expire? Read
4a.4 What is a biometric card? Read
4a.4 What if I lose my biometric card? Read
4a.4 What is a national insurance number? Read
4a.5 What is an integration loan? Read
4a.6 What is a NASS 35? Read
4a.7 If I have received a positive decision how do I support myself and my family? Read
4a.8 What do I do if I am homeless? (England) Read
4a.9 What do I do if I am homeless? (Scotland) Read
4a.10 What do I do if I am homeless? (Northern Ireland) Read
4a.11 Can I get help with my housing costs? Read
4a.12 Can I get support whilst I look for work? Read
4a.12 Can I ask for additional support if there are children in my house? Read
4a.12 I am over 66 years old. What support can I get? Read
4a.15 What is a benefits cap? Read
4a.16 How do I get a job in the UK? Read
4a.17 When do I become a British Citizen? Read
4a.18 Can my family join me in the UK? Read
4a.19 I want to improve my English? Read
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