I am seeking asylum

Prior to screening

If you are newly arrived or been in the UK some time, Asylum Help is here to provide you with free information and support to assist you through the asylum process.

You can access multilingual information on the asylum process and support entitlements below. If you cannot find the answer to your question here or need further advice contact our Asylum Advice (UK) or Asylum Support Application (UK) services for assistance.

Quick answers Read
2.1 What can we expect from the Home Office? Read
2.1 Who are UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) Read
2.1 What happens when I claim asylum? Read
2.1 What will happen during the screening process? Read
2.1 What happens when I telephone the Asylum Intake Cunit for an appointment to claim asylum? Read
2.2 What do I need to take with me to my screening appointment? Read
2.2 What will happen when I arrive at the Asylum Intake Unit at Lunar House? Read
2.2 What happens during my screening interview? Read
2.2 What questions will I be asked during interview? Read
2.2 What decision will the Home Office make during my screening interview? Read
2.4 What to expect at your screening interview? Read
2.4 What if I have travelled through a different country on my way to the UK? Read
2.5 Will the Home Office provide an interpreter at my screening interview? Read
2.5 Do I need to worry that my community or others may find out what I have said? Read
2.6 What if I want to make a complaint? Read
2.8 I want to stay with family/friends? What should I do? Read
2.9 What if I am unable to look after myself? Read
2.10 What documents will I be given during screening? Read
2.10 What is an ARC Card? Read
2.10 What does having an ARC card mean? Read
2.10 What If I loose my ARC card? Read
2.11 What are reporting requirements? Read
2.11 How do I get to my reporting centre? Read
2.12 What if I cannot get to my reporting appointment? Read
2.13 What documents do I need to take when I report? Read
2.14 How do I get legal advice? Read
2.14 Will I have to pay for legal advice? Read
2.15 How do I complain about the legal advice I have been given? Read
2.16 What if my circumstances change? Read
2.17 Am I entitled to free health care? Read
2.18 What if I have decided that it is safe to return home after I have claimed asylum? Read
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